SACM’s Spring Show “The Wiz” Another Dance Academy Success

Jada Bharat & Staff Reports, Reporter

Last night students from grades 6-11 brought the iconic story The Wizard of Oz, by Frank L. Baum, to life as “The Wiz”, the 1970s featuring Michael Jackson and Diana Ross.

Quari Thomas, 11th grade, was the Scarecrow who hoped to get a brain. Abigail Ferguson, 9th grade, portrayed Dorothy who just wanted to return home after experiencing a crazy tornado that landed her in the “Land of Oz”. Along the way Dorothy meets the Scarecrow, the Tin Person, and the “Cowardly Lions” – who hoped to gain a heart and courage, respectively.

Thank you Ms. Bowden, SACM Dance Instructor, and all the Dance Academy students who brought this charming tale to life. Purchase a SACM Middle/High Yearbook 2022-23 to view pictures and find links to video of the event. (See Ms. C in D204/VLAB to purchase the Yearbook.)

Quari Thomas and Abigail Ferguson as the Scarecrow and Dorothy in “The Wiz”. (Ashton Larochelle)
Emerald City dancers. (Ashton Larochelle)
The Wiz dancers. (Ashton)